Text Message Voice Messages…

Being an early adopter and in to gadgets and tech, I am also a fan of things which make your life easier and less complicated.  I’m not someone who wants tech for the sake of tech, just that information technology can be such a wonderfully convenient thing when used properly.

Having said that here is my latest greatest invention.  Picture this scenario:

You call you friend on their cell phone and it is not really a super important event, but maybe you just want a call back.  You get the answering machine and you listen to a nice little welcome message and that stupid little beep happens… “Hey this is Mike call me back,” the message that you leave is so boring and obvious, not to mention that they already see you called on their cell phones.  THEN your friend has to dial the voice mail AND punch in the number, then push one and then listen to you yammer away when they could have just called you back, they then need to listen to the whole message and push seven or nine or whatever they want.

Now not to say messages aren’t useful or that we should get rid of them… not the case.

Piture this…. when you call your friend the phone rings… maybe they are in class or work or whatnot.  The nice little message comes on but instead of the beep it says, push one to leave a voice message, push two to leave a text message…  When you push two a new menu comes up which would need to be standardized but might go something like this… push one to leave a “call me back” text, two to leave an “I’ll be late” text, three to leave a “Would you be able to pick me up” text or “Just wanted to chat” OR whatever…

THEN your friend would get a nice text that says exactly what you would like AND if you wanted to leave a voice message you still could.  Text messages are much more discreet than voice messages and in my opinion just more efficient most of the time.

Now think if you even had sub-messages… maybe you chose option number two, “I’ll be late” now it would say enter how long and you could type 15 or 30 minutes and your friend would know to occupy themselves or delay leaving for a couple minutes.  I mean it would be so much more practical.

Best invention ever!

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