The Big Blink Theory

Women are very perceptive… yes I will begin with a complement because flattery will get you everywhere.  The fairer sex is trained to see everything, to notice the details and to generally be more tuned in to social situations.

Now this is a theory I have been developing over many years and it is in need of some proof.  I have observed this and am trying to lobby some further explanation and understanding.  With that said let me continue with the Big Blink Theory.

Walking into a room as a guy is an event, people are established with their positons at tables, their ranks are sorted and roles laid out.  Undoubtably as you are making your way through a crowd or on the street or any where really you are already noticed.  As per my previous comments, women have already seen you and know what is going on way before you do.  So as you are in your head or speaking to friends you finally get around to checking the landscape.  You look over to one side, you look to the other side and notice a female there, rules are in place, you cannot stare but of course you don’t dart your eyes to the ground.  NOW, she most likely already sees you and as knows you are now looking, she feels your eyes and can’t look otherwise she would seem to interested or what have you (not here to argue attraction or gender roles, doesn’t even have to be attraction, just interraction, i’m merely interested in the physical phenomonon I am about to explain) and at this point under the pressure, she blinks widly, or stairs straight ahead or does some other sort of slight movement to indicate she subtly knows she is being watched.  Now this is some times a big slow blink, which is what got me thinking about this whole theory.

Really I guess it boils down to the fact that anyone who is looked at will feel slightly uncomfortable and show it in different ways, so I have been trying to observe this event.

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