UFC 114 Betting Pool Spreadsheet!

This all originally started when I started following the odds on fights.  I would never miss a PPV (or anything UFC for that matter) and as I started to understand the game I wanted to see what the official odds said compared to what I thought.

Then I figured out how moneyline betting works (you can google it or just use this spreadsheet) and I would put fake bets down with friends, loser bought drinks or whatever.

It was so fun that a spreadsheet was eventually made and through some iterations it has come to this.  So I thought I would distribute it to other fans.

Because everyone wants to predict, but now you can put your money (or fake money) where your mouth is.

Step 1 – Download the Spreadsheet

Click to download

The results page!

Obviously once you download you need to unzip it and open it in Excel.  If you are unable to do this part, it will be very difficult for you to proceed any further.  I will give only basic instructions for Excel.

Step 2 – Enter your friends names (or whatever you want to call yourselves)

When you start the spreadsheet you should be on the SETUP tab.  Enter your friends names in the unlocked cells.  NOTE: Most cells will be locked so that you don’t mess up the sheet, only some cells will be unlocked for you to make changes, leave everything else alone.

Enter your names here in SETUP

Step 3 – Enter your bets on the individual Better Pages

Click the tabs for each of the four betters (I just chose 4 I might add more in the future) and enter your wagers.

Better Tabs

Typically, what I recommend is that everyone gets a fake $1000 to distribute between your favourite fighters based on who you think is going to win.  But here is the strategy part; if you understand moneyline betting, then you know betting on the underdog will pay out much more than betting on the sure thing.

IE.  GSP v HARDY – The odds were like -600 for GSP and +600 for Hardy.  This means that if GSP wins, then for every $600 you bet on him you would get $100 back.  So this means if you bet on the fighter with the higher probability of winning that you won’t get paid out as much.  If you had bet on Hardy (+600) this means you would get $600 for each $100 you bet on him.  Much better deal right!!  But you can see how that fight went, and if you took the long shot with Hardy (even though I like him as a fighter… but he isn’t at GSP’s level) you would potentially be making a ton of money, but the chances are way less.

Just type the $ amounts into the unlocked fields on your sheet.  You can view the probability here and review the odds, etc all in one sheet.  Once everyone has set their bets start watching the event.  I personally like to buy the PPV @ home and stream it through my TV (which is hooked up to my media centre computer) and then I can have the spreadsheet right behind.  The UFC streaming from the official site is very smooth HD I really recommend it.  Costs about $44 USD or so.

Enter your bets in these highlighted cells.

Step 4 – As the fights progress, change the results on the SETUP tab

Click back to the SETUP tab and use the dropdowns in the unlocked cells for each fighter to note the W or L.  You MUST input the L and the W, do not leave the losers as – or you will have incorrect results.

Use the dropdowns to enter results.

Step 5 – View your results!

As you update each W or L you will see the results tab update immediately.

Results tab

You will see your rank, win %, profit and overall winnings.

More Info

I will do a spreadsheet for the larger UFC events.  Please send comments, questions, bugs to my twitter @battleshipcobra.

I will try to post the sheets a week in advance if you are doing a work pool or want to see the odds, etc.

If there is enough interest I will do other organizations as well.

For Advertising

I will consider advertisers who want to place banners or links in this POST, or on the SPREADSHEET itself.

Please contact me here for info

3 thoughts on “UFC 114 Betting Pool Spreadsheet!

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