Why web design???

Web design is a very unique market; with the growing importance of the internet in our daily lives people are quickly understanding just how important the WWW is. They need a website and an email and there is no option any more. The business runs itself, it is highly scalable […]

Your Gray Point

My new amazing theory here. Similar to a sticking point in an argument but closer to a position in reality. One thing that has bothered me lately is the fact that even though I might have a bit opinion on things there is no real solution AND worse yet, the […]

Unions are bad… mmmkay

I will begin by saying I believe there is some use for unions. Like the novel Animal Farm dictates, we have much to worry about the Capitalist Pigs that exist in this world. Oddly enough I’m softening my purely Capitalist views in the last few years, but of course I […]

TV Computer Touch Interface

Another brilliant invention from Michael James Taylor. Picture this… the world is speeding along the information highway and as we progress, many of the technologies we come to rely on are intertwining.  You can now use the internet to order goods, you can even check your bank accounts and credit […]

WMS Phase Shifting

I was thinking about music. Well watching Much More Music and something triggered in me. Duets, duets you say? This particular one featured a white man and black woman. To me, it was unusual to see a white man with a black woman in a duet. I thought… hmm why […]

Why I Love Skiing

Being a two-planker wanker is no longer a sin to me.  I understand why it is fun to strap on two separate slippery surfaces to slide down a steep slope.  I get why those ridiculous poles are so useful and why you rarely see knuckle draggers on DBDs (double black […]

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