Tips & Tricks: Inventory Audit Report Doesn’t Match GL Balance

At some point in your SAP Business One consulting career you will get the question as to WHY the Inventory Audit Report (Inventory >> Inventory Reports >> Inventory Audit Report) doesn’t match the GL balances or balance sheet totals.

Generally this question is during the year end closing process where accountants want to see what makes up the balance of the inventory balance.
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SAP® Business One: Crystal Reports Address Fix

Working with the different fields for addresses can be a pain.  They have many different fields which will confuse users and not to mention most fields won’t even print.

Even with careful control of all of the form settings you are likely to have issues where a user tries to enter a piece of information and it doesn’t show correctly (typically there are gaps in your address when printed).
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I ♥ Podcasts

I am a podcast freak.  I listen to probably two per day while working, doing yard work, travelling, random projects or really any time I’m occupied (I find it better than music in some cases because I don’t need to change the track or album and it keeps me focused).

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a periodic radio show that you subscribe to.  Typically audio only but occasionally video as well.  Using the Apple podcast app on your iPhone (or however you get it on Android) you subscribe to the individual shows and as new episodes are published they are automatically downloaded (kind of like an audio only PVR).  Podcasts are the replacement for radio shows and while you can normally listen to them live you would normally just listen to them at your convenience.  As opposed to having to ‘tune-in’ at times convenient for the radio stations.
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