Advice You Didn’t Ask For: A Word On Your Thoughts

Positive self-talk sounds pretty hippy-dippy but it can make a huge difference in your every day life. If you walk around all day telling yourself you suck and that you are ugly and that you can’t do it (whatever IT is) then it will become true.

“Your mind will be like its habitual thoughts;
for the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.”

~ Marcus Aurelius

If you don’t take things too personally and you keep your thoughts in the positive you will always have a better day. If you focus on the negatives all day then you will not only run yourself down but likely your day will be bleak. “No thought lives in your head rent free” and each thought you think literally uses some of your body’s electrical energy. You would be surprised at how run down you can get just running through random thoughts in the day.
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My Favourite Quotes: Make your own Bible

If you know me at all, you know I love quotes.  I use them all the time and throughout my life they have had significant impact on my attitudes, values and beliefs.  They are a great way to sum up a rule or thought in a simple elegant way helping you to remember the points.

I have stored my meaningful quotes in a simple text file for over 10 years and I got to thinking that it was almost a Bible for me.  It has sections and when I need some specific guidance there are sections that I like to read in different situations that cheer me up or keep me going.  (Keep in mind that I am not religious, it is just a comparison).
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