SAP® Business One: Update all users wallpapers at once

One annoying thing about setting the wallpaper in SAP® Business One is that you technically would have to login to each user and set the image path manually which is a pain in the butt.  I found a simple way to update everyone at once.

Here is the SQL:

SET OUSR.WallPaper = ‘\\server\B1_SHR\background.png’

Note that it is a network relative path.  This is very important.  Set the image up on the server in B1_SHR and then point everyone to it.  If you want to do a Christmas theme or something then you can simply replace the wallpaper and it will update for everyone.

By default all users are set to  OUSR.WllPprDsp = ‘1’ which is centralized.  You can do an update to set it to ‘2’ or full screen which will stretch the background or you can set it to ‘3’ which will tile.

SET OUSR.WllPprDsp= ‘3’

Really simple solution to the problem and now everyone can see your nice logo in the middle of the screen.  Somehow brings the company closer together.

I have not tested this on 2007 but it works fine in 8.8.

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