I ♥ Podcasts

I am a podcast freak.  I listen to probably two per day while working, doing yard work, travelling, random projects or really any time I’m occupied (I find it better than music in some cases because I don’t need to change the track or album and it keeps me focused).

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a periodic radio show that you subscribe to.  Typically audio only but occasionally video as well.  Using the Apple podcast app on your iPhone (or however you get it on Android) you subscribe to the individual shows and as new episodes are published they are automatically downloaded (kind of like an audio only PVR).  Podcasts are the replacement for radio shows and while you can normally listen to them live you would normally just listen to them at your convenience.  As opposed to having to ‘tune-in’ at times convenient for the radio stations.

Podcasts come in many flavours from Tiesto’s weekly music mixes to interview radio styles.  If you take a quick search through iTunes you will see just how many people publish podcasts.  You would be surprised that many authors, comedians and even Lil-Wayne (Weezy Sports Corner)!  Although I think Lil Wayne took his show to BMT.

How to Listen?

Recently Apple split podcasts out of the iOS music app.  You now have to download the official podcast app (make sure the company is Apple to get the official one) in order to subscribe.  This new app is actually much better and easier to use IMHO.  Just subscribe to your favourite podcasts by searching in this app or through the iTunes app or through the iTunes store on your computer and they will show up here.  New episodes will be downloaded and you can play them right from the podcast app.

Why Listen?

Podcasts give you a level of access to certain people you would never get, it gives you a chance to study your favourite people and model them (if you are a Tony Robbins fan you know what modelling is).  You can study how they think and listen to them speak and be interviewed for sometimes over three hours!  This is amazing since it will give you many new stories, new perspectives and ideas that you would never get looking from the outside.  For example, the lead singer of Tool, Maynard James Keenan (one of my favourite bands) was on the Joe Rogan Experience (my favourite podcast).  I got the privilege of listening to MJK speak for three hours where before I would only get short music show clips or short interviews.  In three hours you get to listen to stories and get a real sense of the character of these guests.

Modeling the thought processes of people you admire is an excellent way to learn and grow and I really recommend it.

What to Listen To?

Here are some podcasts to get you started:

Joe Rogan Experience – to me, Joe is the podfather.  My first podcast, he has had tons of people on

  • Maynard James Keenan (Tool frontman)
  • Shane Smith (VICE)
  • Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Workweek
  • Kat Von D (LA Ink)
  • Everlast (Jump Around)
  • Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong)
  • Graham Hancock
  • Urijah Faber (UFC Fighter)
  • Tito Ortiz (UFC Champion)
  • Chael Sonnen (UFC Fighter)
  • Deadmau5 (EDM Artist)
  • Russell Peters (Comedian)
  •  Aubrey Marcus (CEO and Badass)
  • Anthony Bourdain (Famous Chef)
  • Cliff Bleszinski (Creator of Gears of War Series)
  • Bas Rutten (Fighting Legend)
  • Alex Grey (Famous Psychedelic Artist)
London Real – these guys are awesome, any of the podcasts are great.  My personal favourite episodes are:
  • George Galloway – Ready to Die
  • The Secret Bliss
  • Ayahuasca – My Heart of Darkness
  • Warrior Poet
  • Eddie Bravo – Life on the 10th Planet
  • Graham Hancock and the Sacred Vine
  • The Warrior Poet
  • Clean & Lean
  • Roger Gracie
  • Sebastien Foucan – Find Your Way
Foundation – a great place for entrepreneur interviews done by Kevin Rose (founder of Digg).
The Random Show – Tim Ferris and Kevin Rose talk about random stuff.
Psychedelic Salon – I LOVE Terence McKenna and if you are interested in alternative ideas and entheogens then this is a great place to start.  Incredibly interesting lectures on a wide variety of topics.  Start with podcast number 2 – Terence McKenna – Linear Societies and Non Linear Drugs.
We’re Alive! – This is a zombie mini-series which is absolutely incredible.  Start at the very beginning and go on an epic adventure in a zombie apocalypse.
Ten Minute Podcast – Bryan Callen (The Hangover and JRE), Will Sasso (Mad TV), Chris D’Elia (??).  Really rediculous banter between some Hollywood jackasses.  Incredibly funny and short.  Cause some podcasts are slow and you don’t know how long they last… that’s why you’re listening to 10 minute podcast.
Scorpio Rising Podcast – This is a podcast done by myself and Preet Jassi.  We discuss random topics but if you are a fan of JRE we follow many of the same topics.  We try to mix it up with various guests.  Check it out!


Did I mention that these are all free!  Get on it and enjoy some really incredible conversations today.  Listen to and learn from your favourite people.  If you don’t find anything you like on my recommended list just browse the podcast section of iTunes and find a few, test out an episode and see if you like it!

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