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I’m tired of listing my support links in my videos so here they are. If you support me, I make more videos. If you do not do anything I will not do anything. I can’t monotize my videos so I need you to do one of the following. If I helped you in any way.

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Totally Free! The most appreciated way of supporting me is to like my videos. Subscribe to my channel and if you could, send one of my videos to a colleague who might appreciate them. This way the word gets out and I get more support and I continue making videos! Yay!

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If you don’t visit YouTube too frequently make sure you push the little “bell” icon next to the subscribe button. This will trigger an email to you when I make a new video so you can check it out. That way you don’t miss out on the tips & tricks and tutorials. Thanks!

*3. Visit my Idea Place Profile and Vote for my SAP Business One Ideas

Assuming you have an S-USER from SAP, visit the link above. When you login you will see a tab called “Submissions”. This tab is only visible if you are logged in. Same user you use for the forum will work on the Idea Place. Check out my submissions, if you like them, give them a vote. If you have your own ideas then submit them. SAP monitors this and has delivered tons of features suggested from this site.

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