Advice You Didn’t Ask For: Practical Applications of Meditation

My meditation bench

I am not a Buddhist monk but I know a little bit about meditation and I have a couple random tips that have helped me day to day. I know you didn’t ask but here they are anyways.

From a technical standpoint meditation is about controlling your thoughts rather than letting them control you. IE, you get mad, you hit someone. Meditation gives you the ability to see the anger and let it pass through you. That is over simplifying things, but my point is, if you are feeling depressed, it can help you identify patterns, it can help you stay calm, reduce stress and have more discipline. If you can consciously stop your mind from wandering and get into the habit of staying with your current train of thought you will be more productive and can stay in the ‘zone’ longer.
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Creativity 200 – The ID, The Ego and YOUR Design

Now, I was here once and you will be as well. Your design is perfect; you love it, you are so happy to start building it. Your client will love it and it will serve all of their needs perfectly!

WRONG, they want things to be moved, it wasn’t exactly what they wanted and maybe you missed the mark a little bit.

They want a bit more picture to show, they don’t like the coloured box in the corner which you think makes the entire site. They want more text on the front page despite your warnings to the contrary.

Give it up man!

Leave your ego at the door. It sucks yeah, that little site was your baby and now it’s being dismantled (sometimes moreso, sometimes less so) and you are not happy. At the end of the day it’s what your client wants and not what you want despite the fact that you are designing it. You are the designer but you need to make your client happy and really what does it matter if they deviate from your plan just a little bit?

If you are accommodating and reasonable they will be more likely to recommend you to their friends than if you storm out and refuse to do the project because they didn’t want to let you combine red and green with the tiny little nav you envisioned.

Stick to your guns on matters of importance such as balance of the page and any other serious matters of design but make the client happy!

Leave your ego at Starbucks