WMS Phase Shifting

I was thinking about music. Well watching Much More Music and something triggered in me. Duets, duets you say? This particular one featured a white man and black woman. To me, it was unusual to see a white man with a black woman in a duet. I thought… hmm why […]

Why I Love Skiing

Being a two-planker wanker is no longer a sin to me.  I understand why it is fun to strap on two separate slippery surfaces to slide down a steep slope.  I get why those ridiculous poles are so useful and why you rarely see knuckle draggers on DBDs (double black […]

The Big Blink Theory

Women are very perceptive… yes I will begin with a complement because flattery will get you everywhere.  The fairer sex is trained to see everything, to notice the details and to generally be more tuned in to social situations. Now this is a theory I have been developing over many […]

The Church of Music

I have been following the music industry economically for years.  The change from boy bands and highly produced and hyped records to the myspace, napster, free music ipod phenomenon.  I am in no way against big business or certain microcosm economies, I also understand how much investment needs to occur […]

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