I ♥ Podcasts

I am a podcast freak.  I listen to probably two per day while working, doing yard work, travelling, random projects or really any time I’m occupied (I find it better than music in some cases because I don’t need to change the track or album and it keeps me focused).

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a periodic radio show that you subscribe to.  Typically audio only but occasionally video as well.  Using the Apple podcast app on your iPhone (or however you get it on Android) you subscribe to the individual shows and as new episodes are published they are automatically downloaded (kind of like an audio only PVR).  Podcasts are the replacement for radio shows and while you can normally listen to them live you would normally just listen to them at your convenience.  As opposed to having to ‘tune-in’ at times convenient for the radio stations.
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I ♥ Deviantart.com


If you are into art at all, this is the site for you. It is amazing how many spectacular artists are on this site. You can start from the homepage and view random popular works, but my favourite is to look at the daily deviations or search for a topic, find the one I like the best, look up the artist, then look at their favourites. If you do this, generally the favourites of an artist that you really like the style of will be packed with amazing similar pieces. This way you can find an artist or photographer that you really like and if you are lucky they have several hundred of their favourites for you to browse.
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I ♥ Evernote

Evernote logoThis program is only the greatest note program ever devised. If you keep a thousand paper notes and notebooks and always have ideas you write down in the night, or if you just like to stay organized this program is for you. Evernote allows you to capture text, images, pdfs, voice, photographs, you can even make notes with checkboxes.

I like to use it to compile and organize my ideas and if I don’t have time to type I use the voice note. Then I transcribe it into text later. I use it for my quote bible to record all my favourite quotes, I use it to clip parts of sites and pdfs for research. And best of all it syncs perfectly with my iPhone, my PC and on the web. The web app is just as good as the PC app and the iPhone app is so handy. I hate losing ideas and Evernote prevents me from forgetting.

Best of all it’s completely free. If you see me wearing an Evernote t-shirt I did not sell out, I just want to support these guys. (you can even share notebooks to a specific URL! or edit them between friends or team mates). And they are adding new functionality daily.

Check out the site yourself http://www.evernote.com and get started today.