I ♥ Podcasts

I am a podcast freak.  I listen to probably two per day while working, doing yard work, travelling, random projects or really any time I’m occupied (I find it better than music in some cases because I don’t need to change the track or album and it keeps me focused). […]

I ♥ Deviantart.com

If you are into art at all, this is the site for you. It is amazing how many spectacular artists are on this site. You can start from the homepage and view random popular works, but my favourite is to look at the daily deviations or search for a topic, […]

I ♥ Quotes

As you may know I am a huge believer in quotes.  I keep what I like to call my ‘Quote Bible’ now on Evernote.  And since I upgraded to premium I can share the note in real time.  So as I collect new quotes you can view them here: http://bit.ly/kyEXTs […]