Changing Menu Titles SBO

Since when can we change the menu titles in SAP Business One??  I was doing some document numbering and I found this field called “Change Menu Names” in the document numbering form.  Occasionally I had a reason to change these names and it wasn’t really possible before without B1UP or […]

Coffee Sucks

Sorry to all of you coffee/energy drink drinkers, but your favourite drink is actually a major leech of time and money.  It doesn’t provide you with any benefits and actually causes more issues than it solves. First off caffeine is a drug… just like alcohol and marijuana… caffeine is a […]

TweetDeck is a social media aggregator (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare)

Ever wanted all of your online activities in one place?  To view all at once?? Well, this quick post is to let everyone know about a cool application called TweetDeck. If you use FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare then you need this application.  I think I would only use […]

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