Systemized: A guide to understanding the world of ERP software

ebookI wrote this white paper (more of a guide I guess) about my perspectives on ERP software from a consultants point of view. I have been working with ERP for seven or so years now and have worked in business all my life. Technology is a powerful lever and if you want to use it effectively you need some sort of business management software.

This is where an ERP system comes in and if you have no exposure to Enterprise Resource Planning systems then you must check this white paper out!

In this first edition I cover:

  • OTS (off-the-shelf) systems vs. ERP
  • Small businesses vs. big businesses
  • Misconceptions around ERP
  • Tips and tricks around looking for a new system

ebook2I present perspectives from the inside about realistic challenges I have witnessed.  You will understand the benefits and challenges of implementing an ERP system and you will come away armed with the tools needed to take your business to the next level.

The paper is free, but I would appreciate some feedback, so I have it available for a tweet or FaceBook message.  Push the button below and tweet/fb a message then you will automatically receive the download link.


Mike Taylor


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