TweetDeck is a social media aggregator (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare)

Ever wanted all of your online activities in one place?  To view all at once??

Well, this quick post is to let everyone know about a cool application called TweetDeck.

If you use FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare then you need this application.  I think I would only use FB if I didn’t have this app because I loathe logging into the damned pages all the time.  With TweetDeck you can setup columns (on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Mac/PC) and even post right from it…  It integrates URL shortening and picture hosting as well, so you don’t have to waste your time fiddling around with photos you want to post.

With TD you can also make custom search columns which are very useful for following trends on Twitter such as #quotes,#quotations, #photos, etc.  It will give you a list of all activity in this trending topic in an instant.

And with the addition of FourSquare you can further integrate all of your online stuff into one app.

So now you can get Twitter (or if you have multiple Twitters you can use them all at once) and it will be right next to your FaceBook and LinkedIn streams and if you have something interesting to say or post you can choose which streams to post into and bam, you are done.

Check it out!  And also add me @5corpi0

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