Use Your Phone as a Wifi Hotspot

Just a quick tutorial. The driver for my laptop suddenly crashed whether due to some sort of hack attack or just general Microsoftery. I thought that tethering my iPhone using WiFi might kick it back on since my laptop recognized wireless networks but just didn’t display them to be connected. I discovered something interesting and I thought I would share it.

All you really have to do is have a newer iOS version (my example uses 4.3.2), an iPhone cable (technically you can wirelessly connect to your phone as well but as mentioned my phone had no wireless at the time) and just switch on the setting.

This technique can be used to harness your 3G network to get internet as well as using WiFi through your phone as I did.

Step 1

Get to your network settings. Settings app button >> General >> Network (see image below). Click Personal Hotspot.

Step 2

Turn on the USB hotspot settings. (See image below)

Step 3

Plug your iPhone into your laptop

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