Use Your Phone as a Wifi Hotspot

Just a quick tutorial. The driver for my laptop suddenly crashed whether due to some sort of hack attack or just general Microsoftery. I thought that tethering my iPhone using WiFi might kick it back on since my laptop recognized wireless networks but just didn’t display them to be connected. I discovered something interesting and I thought I would share it.

All you really have to do is have a newer iOS version (my example uses 4.3.2), an iPhone cable (technically you can wirelessly connect to your phone as well but as mentioned my phone had no wireless at the time) and just switch on the setting.
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I personally am sick of the government bullshit, the lies, the money passed between politicians and corporations. I’m sick of hearing about stories months after they occur and not being able to do anything about it. Government has grown out of control (particularly in the US, not as much so in Canada) and needs to be held accountable. Continue reading

Second Realm and Bitcoin Summary

I have been digging into The Second Realm movement in the past few weeks compiling my notes on the various things I have found. Here are my impressions.

“The Second Realm” is a term used to describe a permanent autonomous zone that certain groups of Crypto-Anarchists, Anarcho-Capitalists, Agorists, hackers, etc. are trying to create. A place where full economic freedom can be achieved with no interaction with “The First Realm” (our current economy, government, corporations, etc.). They claim the reason is to circumvent the governments control over their everyday lives, to live and trade anonymously and build a better world free from the control of “The Man.”
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Hack Windows Passwords Win7, XP, Vista, Server (no CD required)

Being in the IT world I occasionally have the need to get my way past a password for a workstation or whatnot, occasionally people forget their passwords, etc. For XP it was easy most of the time to just reboot, push F5 and load in safe mode. This would usually show the Administrator login and allow you to slip in behind the non password-protected master admin account. Then you could just reset the user’s password and login as them or do whatever you had to do through the administration account unnoticed.
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