Advice You Didn’t Ask For: A Word On Your Thoughts

Positive self-talk sounds pretty hippy-dippy but it can make a huge difference in your every day life. If you walk around all day telling yourself you suck and that you are ugly and that you can’t do it (whatever IT is) then it will become true.

“Your mind will be like its habitual thoughts;
for the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.”

~ Marcus Aurelius

If you don’t take things too personally and you keep your thoughts in the positive you will always have a better day. If you focus on the negatives all day then you will not only run yourself down but likely your day will be bleak. “No thought lives in your head rent free” and each thought you think literally uses some of your body’s electrical energy. You would be surprised at how run down you can get just running through random thoughts in the day.
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Second Realm and Bitcoin Summary

I have been digging into The Second Realm movement in the past few weeks compiling my notes on the various things I have found. Here are my impressions.

“The Second Realm” is a term used to describe a permanent autonomous zone that certain groups of Crypto-Anarchists, Anarcho-Capitalists, Agorists, hackers, etc. are trying to create. A place where full economic freedom can be achieved with no interaction with “The First Realm” (our current economy, government, corporations, etc.). They claim the reason is to circumvent the governments control over their everyday lives, to live and trade anonymously and build a better world free from the control of “The Man.”
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The Stupid Man

Why are men drawn to doing dumb (reckless, wild, crazy) things? And why are these primitive bahaviours attractive to females?

It relates back to the early days of man when we still had to do daring and adventurous things. Hunting with a spear or knife is incredibly dangerous, takes amazing amounts of stamina and athletic ability, intelligence and aggression. This example also works for warfare and fighting. Ever thought of walking onto a field and hitting another person with a sword who is also trying to hit you??
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Coffee Sucks

Sorry to all of you coffee/energy drink drinkers, but your favourite drink is actually a major leech of time and money.  It doesn’t provide you with any benefits and actually causes more issues than it solves.

First off caffeine is a drug… just like alcohol and marijuana… caffeine is a stimulant and is listed under the drug category of Erowid (more info here, it is an amazing site  So because it is a drug it has major effects on your body and mind, can become addictive and generally disrupts your physiological patterns.
Also, coffee/caffeine  is also NOT a tool of business, you waste more time during the day getting coffee than you will benefiting from it.  Occasionally, the use of caffeine can be beneficial for a late night, but used every day it actually just becomes a pattern that your body gets used to.  So you think you are hardcore drinking 5 cups a day?  Well all your body does is depress your body in anticipation of the stimulant to even you out, it does not accelerate your mind.  Similar to a crack addict needing a fix, your body needs to caffeine to bring it back up to the normal regulated state.

So when you drink 5 cups a day, say mostly in the morning what is happening is your body becomes SUPER depressed (sleepy) in anticipation of the drug caffeine being introduced into the blood stream.  If you didn’t have the coffee your body would remain in a depressed state and you would be saying, “I need my morning coffee” but in reality you have setup this pattern.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s tasty, but it’s a treat beverage or for use occasionally.

Basically caffeine simply blocks the receptors of your brain that signal sleep.  Which are also used as a regulator of dopamine and glutamate, so sure you can run dopamine and glutamate dry but your body needs to refresh these stimulants to run effectively.  For much more technical info go here

It is also a diuretic (drys out your body) and a bowel irritant.

So there~!  What a waste of time and money folks.