Tips & Tricks: Last Price Report in Sales Documents

I have had the request from several SAP Business One customers to view the last price given to a specific customer for a specific item. Well the only real solution I could come up with would be to make an FMS on the price with a query. This is an OK solution but I came across a much slicker solution when searching the SAP help file for something completely unrelated.

Turns out there is a secret “Last Prices Report” which is build in (I’m testing on SBO 9.0 PL07, but I verified it on 8.82 PL13 as well). This report is not apparent but is easy enough to get to.

When you are adding a row to a document all you need to do is click in the field for price for the item you want and click CTRL + TAB.

The report looks like this:


It has all sorts of nifty options as well.

So if you ever get this request remember CTRL + TAB!

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